About Cory Rizos

Mixing a film is a humbling experience. It’s about becoming a conduit for the emotions of a story. My task is to unlock the viewer’s empathy so they can no longer distinguish between reality and hyper-reality. Sometimes there’s a technical solution, sometimes layering and texture, it may be about subtleties or getting “in-your-face” but when I’ve done my job right, the story and sound become one.

With 20 years and several thousands of hours behind a sound board and in the editing suite, Cory has mixed and edited nearly 80 feature length films and worked on several dozen television productions. He is the recipient of a Gemini Award for Best Sound in a Documentary Program for his work on The War of 1812, and a Gemini Nominee for Best Sound in The Black Hawk War.

When he’s not blending sounds together to create a soundscape, he’s blending protein shakes before hitting the gym, biking along the lakeshore with his kids or firing up his charcoal BBQ to create the perfect supper mix.

14th Annual Gemini Award winner

18th Annual Gemini Award Nominee

Book award winning Post Production work

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