Tony Assimakopoulos
“Cory cares. No matter how rushed we were, Cory was watching out for things that didn’t sound right, nothing got by him…he knew what mattered. He flagged some odd things I did as a sound editor and helped me correct them, in the mix. Cory always finds a way to solve every issue on the fly… He also has a great ear for music. Many times, during the mix, we rearranged sound design to help the score, and his judgement was always bang on. We argued a lot too, but it was always a good thing! With Cory, I always felt I had someone who was in the trenches with me, sleeves rolled up, cursing and yelling towards victory!”
- Tony Assimakopoulos, Director/Producer for Return to Park Ex
Ian Halpern
“I worked in Hollywood for many years. Never have I worked with a better sound mixer than Cory. Cory Rizos is the best in the business. He provides state of the art sound mixing and is a consummate pro. Thanks to Cory my films have reached a level I never imagined. I am most grateful.”
- Ian Halpern, Writer, Director, Producer
Bob Moore
“When presenting a feature documentary film at a major film festival, one rarely fields questions regarding the high quality of the sound design. For some reason, when we have films designed and mixed by Cory, this keeps happening. Thanks Cory!”
- Bob Moore, Eyesteel Film Producer
Carlo Guillermo Proto
“Cory understands sound. His unique ability to mix in 5.1 and give you a rough stereo mix while still adding essential textures to your sound design, all in one pass, is something you have to see to believe. The work that we did together on Resurrecting Hassan was a feat in documentary, so much that a production team from Brazil flew to Montreal just to work with him, shortly after seeing a screening of the film in Mexico. His unique palette of experience will make you regret that you went with anyone else.”
- Carlo Guillermo Proto, Director Producer of Resurrecting Hassan
Giovanna Giovanini
“Working with Cory was just perfect; we can say it was even better than expected. He is very talented and high-skilled, not to mention how fast he works. All the mixing process went on very pleasantly. He is attentive as well as caring, polite, and patient. He was able to understand our intentions as directors and translate them to a sonic environment. Not only his creativity, but we have to mention his problem-solving abilities, that altogether added that "glue" that every film needs to be both consistent and compelling. In a future project, we really hope to be able to work with him again.”
- Giovanna Giovanini, Director/Editor of A Day For Susana
Kalina Bertin
“It was truly a pleasure to work with Cory on my documentary film Manic. I felt comfortable and encouraged to fully express with him my vision for the sound design of my film. Not only is he highly skilled technically, Cory is a true artist with creative ideas. He did such an amazing job at proposing solutions to better the whole soundscape of the film. I've learned a lot regarding sound watching him work his magic. I also very much enjoyed his friendly attitude and sense of humour. I'm looking forward to collaborating with him again on my future projects”
- Kalina Bertin, Director / Writer of Manic
Kalina Bertin
“I've been working with Cory Rizos as a sound designer and mixer for almost 15 years. He always manages to bring a unique flavour to the project, whether the film is shot on bustling streets of Yangon, the canopy of the Congo rainforest, or the combative halls of the the U.S. House of Representatives. Cory is both creative and technical problem solver, and always gets the job done on time. Very fun to work with”
- Mila Aung-Thwin, Director/Producer of Let there be Light

About Cory Rizos

Mixing a film is a humbling experience. It’s about becoming a conduit for the emotions of a story. My task is to unlock the viewer’s empathy so they can no longer distinguish between reality and hyper-reality. Sometimes there’s a technical solution, sometimes layering and texture, it may be about subtleties or getting “in-your-face” but when I’ve done my job right, the story and sound become one.

With 20 years and several thousands of hours behind a sound board and in the editing suite, Cory has mixed and edited nearly 80 feature length films and worked on several dozen television productions. He is the recipient of a Gemini Award for Best Sound in a Documentary Program for his work on The War of 1812, and a Gemini Nominee for Best Sound in The Black Hawk War.

When he’s not blending sounds together to create a soundscape, he’s blending protein shakes before hitting the gym, biking along the lakeshore with his kids or firing up his charcoal BBQ to create the perfect supper mix.

14th Annual Gemini Award winner

18th Annual Gemini Award Nominee

Book award winning Post Production work

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